Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mini-reviews: Top 5 Restaurants in Asheville

Over at Hold the Onions written by the inimitable and amazing +joan childress wilkerson, joan posted her Top Five Places to Eat In Asheville, and while it's a list that won't do you wrong, I figured I'd offer my take.

  1. *Sunny Point Café* - the Huevos Fucheros/Rancheros I could eat until I was sick. [http://www.sunnypointcafe.com/]
  2. *Taqueria Fast* - technically in Woodfin, _Taqueria Fast_ has the best tacos authenticos I've found, and everything from the Jalisco-Mexican menu is tasty. [http://www.mountainx.com/article/9304/Taqueria-Fast]
  3. *Green Tea Sushi* - when eating Japanese with a crowd of diverse tastes, Wasabi might be a better pick (they have stuff my dad likes, and that's not easy), but for straight up Sushi lovers, it's Green Tea is Asheville for my money [http://www.greenteasushi.com/]
  4. *Asheville Pizza and Brewing Co.* - One could argue the finer points of various pizza joints and styles from the rising of the sun until its setting and back again. I say screw that and give me a Shear Delight Pie and a pint of Fire Escape (jalapeno beer!) to wash it down. [http://www.ashevillebrewing.com/]
  5. *French Broad Chocolate Lounge* - no matter where you eat dinner, especially if you're downtown, don't order dessert off the menu but take the walk down to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Worth the inevitable line, often stretching out the door, the chocolates, cakes, cookies, liquid truffles ... ::goes into chocolate shock just writing about it:: whew, sorry. It's a must [http://frenchbroadchocolates.com/]
  • Cheating 6th spot: *Mamacitas* - When it has to be burritos instead of tacos, burritos so big that you need the nachos to scoop up the overflowing ingredients, the Baja inspired Mamacitas is the way to go. Plus, I'm a sucker for the calaveras and Dia de los Muertos inspired art. [http://www.mamacitasgrill.com/]

Of course, in a town as culinarily diverse and excellent as Asheville, I'm leaving off too many places (joan did a *headdesk* when she realized she'd forgotten Sunny Point), but if you wanted to make my tummy happy, you'd be safe taking me to any of these.

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