Friday, April 20, 2012

So go write already ...

Kind of a throw away entry, but I just got a copy of Liquid Story Binder today. I've never used it before, and all the options are a little bit overwhelming. However, those same options create potential for being able to approach a piece of writing from whatever type of thought process sparked it in the first place--whether it be flowing from an inspiring piece of art, a plot timeline, a certain character, a random collection of mind-mapped ideas, a series of chapter titles, just getting text on a page, etc. Liquid allows you to start from any of those and add or remove those elements and it all be interconnected according to how you focus.

And since it was a gift, I have no choice but to write something with it! I'm going to spend some time with its help files and tutorials, but then I plan to plunge in and get some characters on desktop space.

PS. ScriptFrenzy update: there is nothing to update. I have been an absolute non-entity with this script. I was fired up after the first seven pages, and then ... nothing. Rather than writing this blog entry, I should be making scenes and dialogue happen. 'natch.

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