Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Lady Annemarie

Artist's Bio/Statement for
Annemarie McAllister at TigerLily Studios.

[contains strong language - because Annemarie contains strong language.]

Imagine slicing open your brain with an obsidian knife, pulled from the tomb of an ancient warrior-shamaness, and peering inside your expanding mind; you find yourself in the Hall of Dead Gods discussing the radical need to fuck over the dominant paradigms with Jorge Luis Borges and Hildegard von Bingen while sipping on espresso laced with soma.

Now you have a pale notion of what it's like experiencing the art of The Lady Annemarie.

Traversing and transcending particular media, the Lady blows open the doors of perception and happily steps through, inviting us along for the ride. Since picking up her first crayola, the Lady realized her blood flowed with india ink, oil paint and modge podge. Fishes need water; trees need sunlight; Annemarie McAllister needs art. The studio is her temple, and the canvas is her altar where she sacrifices self for the sake of Light and Form, Color and Shape, Aesthetics and Substance.

Hailing from the North East of The United States of Discordia, the Lady attended The University of Arts, Philadelphia where she took every art class they would let her--and then some. However, the edges of the map and the horizons labeled "here be dragons" called her to travel and expand her consciousness. Those experiences led her to realize the Technocracy is expanding and artists are the hidden warriors fighting the battles in our minds, freeing us from the chains of slavery forged by crass commercialism, bubblegum pop culture, and authoritarian control.

She has found herself somewhat settled in that major crossroads of faerie trods and telluric currents, Asheville, NC, working as an artistic glazier, performing live-paintings at concerts, forming artists' collectives, holding art shows, and doing her part to inject chaos into the system. Painting is her passion, sculpture feeds the dæmon and Something Out There keeps feeding her brain images that must be shaped and formed and given birth. Let's pray that It's friendly because to see the art of the Lady Annemarie is to let it pierce the skin, inject the flow, and alter your mind.

Welcome to TigerLily Studios--step away from your comfort zone.

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