Sunday, June 10, 2012

Aaron Tupelo - The Donut King

Meet Aaron Tupelo, 'the Donut King,' a character from my latest fiction project--a murder mystery! Aaron Tupelo is the owner and operator of the Donut King, and may or may not, be Elvis Presley, alive and well and serving fresh doughnuts and coffee 24 hours a day/6 days a week.

The murder mystery centers around tabloid reporter Cosmo Grove who works for the Global Eye investigating stories of alien abductions, Bigfoot sightings, spontaneous combustion and the like. In his first adventure, Cosmo discovers a clue pointing to a real crime after the police have already dismissed the events as a hoax. On the scent of a bigger story than alien abduction, Cosmo hits the trail leading him into stranger and more dubious events than anything featured in the Eye!

Aaron Jesse Tupelo is a supporting character of the story (and will be a recurring character if this ends up as a series of stories). Cosmo makes a daily trip to the Donut King, just down the street from the offices of the Global Eye in downtown Altamont, and knows sixty-year old Aaron well enough to talk about more than just glazed or sprinkles. Mr. Tupelo, in fact, seems to know quite a bit about the world of the weird and always has some word of wisdom for Cosmo when the reporter's at a loss for leads. Tourists who come into the shop often remark on the owner's resemblance to the King of Rock, but if they say anything to Cosmo, he'll say he's never noticed.

On Sundays, the only day one does not find Aaron in the doughnut shop, he attends church at Hill Street Baptist Church and takes long walks through Altamont with his dog Sam. He lives in the apartment above the Donut King and during his time off one can hear the strains of southern blues he plays on his guitar.

The Donut King, is located on Wolfe Plaza in the heart of Altamont, NC, serving doughnuts and coffee 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (closed on Sundays, midnight to midnight). It's a good spot for business, and the Donut King sees a regular flow of downtown workers, especially reporters from the Global Eye and the more respectable Altamont Sentinel, police and fire fighters, tourists, and the after-hours crowd. There's a counter and a few booths where people can sit after they order at the register.

Aaron always has blues and classic Rhythm & Blues playing in the shop and often sings softly with the music, especially if he's in the kitchen. If Aaron's assistant, Sarah's on duty, she'll come around and refill coffees, and Aaron himself will do this if he's in between batches. Sam, Aaron's dog, can always be found in the shop and inexplicably is never noticed by health inspectors.
Sam's ready for his doughnut.

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