Monday, June 4, 2012

helping a fellow ink-slinger & ashevillain

Asheville author/illustrator Steven Coyle German has started a Kickstarter Project to fund his first book, Annika Ash and the Lost Robot, an ambitious children's story.


Coyle shares

I’d ask anyone to support this book for several reasons. 
First, because it’s a beautifully illustrated, richly written, unique book that takes full advantage of a picture book’s inherent power to stimulate the mind.  
Second, supporting this book creates a strong message that perhaps it’s time to remove some of the existing boundaries in current children’s picture books.  
And Third, donating through Kickstarter specifically sends an unmistakable message that people are hungry for more unfiltered, pure voices than they’ve had access to previously.
I'm particularly impressed with his vision of creating children's books that are complex, subtle and full of depth:
The growing addictive need to oversimplify is alarming. I know it’s tempting these days to make information easier to digest by making broad, combative declarations but it’s getting out of hand.  Let’s start getting kids ready to face complexity at an early age [while] taking the utmost care to make sure nothing gets in the way of what all children’s picture books should be- heartfelt, warm, friendly and with a generous helping of silliness.
All I’m doing is adding insightful opportunities for anyone willing to probe deeper into the characters motivations and encourage the sensation that it’s ok to feel that you might not immediately have all the answers you’re looking for.
 A worthy goal indeed. For those who ask, "but what's in it for me?" the pledge rewards are pretty awesome, most of them featuring Annika Ash artwork by Coyle, ranging from computer desktop art and post-cards to a unique Annika Ash illustrated story!

So if you're in the habit of looking to support more local artists/authors and creators, help Annika find the Lost Robot!

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